The Devil Went Down To Connecticut by Nick Eckert

Around the time I started typing this the death toll was around 30, which included the scumfuck gunman and 18 sweet innocent kids. Now anything bad involving kids bothers me, just on general principle and having been to prison I have encountered dozens of these evil fucks, most of them child molesters. Kids should be happy and have fun and do stupid crap that doesn’t really hurt anybody but they still get yelled at for, not being molested or tortured and certainly not gunned down in their own elementary school. The person who perpatrated this crime is scum in its truest form and he most certainly deserved to die. But he got off entirely to easy. People are talking about gun laws and what drove this person to do this. Did you ever just think the guy was fuckin’ crazy? Do you know how mentally off the reservation you have to be to even seriously contemplate doing some shit like that, let alone actually do it. So I’m sorry, I don’t care if he got bullied or if his mom was mean to him or his awkward aunt Stacy used to make him dip his nuts in a bowl of warm milk so she could blow bubbles in it with a straw. There is NO excuse for involving kids. Well, let me be clear, young kids. While I don’t condone high school shootings, having been bullied at times myself and seeing it happen to others I understand why a 16 year old kid stops giving a fuck and opens fire in a lunch room. Again, I don’t condone it. I personally feel like if those kids all wanted to die so badly instead of killing 20 other people they should just kill themselves.  But when you shoot a gun at a little kid you enter a whole new realm of mental and moral insanity.


I feel worst for the children’s parents and siblings. Christmas is 11 days away. Think about how many of those kids parents bought them Christmas presents already that’re never gonna get opened. Think about the little girl who isn’t going to have a big brother to look after her. Think about the ripple effect something like this has. It gives you perspective, anything can happen at anytime. Gun laws won’t prevent that, where there is a will, and some money, there is a way. No matter how strict or loose those laws become, if a person wants a fuckin’ gun, they’re going to get a gun. Hows this for a cooky concept. Maybe people should get their faces out of their iPhones, their heads out of their asses and put their attention on whats going on around them. You mean to tell me a motherfucker who does something this crazy didn’t show any warning signs? Doubtful. It is just one simple fact. People don’t care. Oh sure, they care after the fact. But what do they do to prevent it? Nothing. Your thought, prayers and wishes are nice and all but what the hell do they do besides comfort yourself…..I’ll wait. Maybe you should be about action, whether its preventive action or action in the aftermath. This country was not brought to glory by people who hoped and wished, it was solidified by doers and good people who didn’t just stand by while their civilization collapsed around them. But it has been tarnished by countless people and politicians who have done a whole lot of saying and not a lot of doing. People that made days like today possible but being all talk and no walk.

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