F.A.T. Entertainment Is NOW HIRING Female Promoters!! Visit The Link For ALL THE DETAILS!



What Is Required?

Essentially your job is to inform people of events and most importantly get them to show up. Here are some of the ways that you will be able to do this.

  • Post Event Flyers via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc…)
  • Send out Facebook Event Invites to our larger events.
  • For certain events we will be selling $20 VIP Tickets that include Open Bar from 9-11 pm.
  • Word of mouth. Personally asking someone to come to an event on your behalf is more effective than anything.
  • When flyers are printed by posting them and handing them out. Gym bulletin boards, college campus, convenience store. Whatever location optimizes the amount of people who view it.


How Will You Get Paid?

For your initial stint with you will be paid based on how many people you bring. You will be paid a set amount per person. You will also be paid more per person the more people you bring. Example: Bring 10 people by a certain time Get $20. Bring 15 people get $35. Bring 20 People get $50. If you consistently prove you can bring 20+ people then you will be paid a set base plus bonuses. Since our company is paid one flat rate plus a percentage of sales after we hit a set number the more people you bring means the more money they spend means the more money we and you make at the end of the night.

For live show promoters the pay scale and arrangements will work differently and based pretty much on a case by case basis but you will be held to the same principle. Bring people get paid. Get more people then get more money.

How Will We Keep Track?

We are currently working on a Dropbox type system in which we give you as the promoter a set amount of “tickets” that you will personalize with your signature and hand out to people and have them bring the ticket with them when they go to the venue and place it in the F.A.T. Entertainment Drop Box we will have constructed and set up outside of the venue.

 The other more prevalent way we will use to keep track is via how many $20 VIP Tickets you can sell.

If you would like to inquire about this TEXT or EMAIL Nick Eckert. Contact Info is on the above flyer.


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