NEW PICS by @AngieBPhoto & Matthew Blum from @FnAwesomeTime @DJ_Zee_ @DrinkysPA & @DJAnthonyL’s #AYATD #Blackout! #Masquerade on Friday October, 26th. [170 NEW Professional Photos]

If you weren’t at Drinky’s Friday October 26th then you missed arguably the craziest Halloween party of the year in the Lehigh Valley. It was so much fun and it was packed from 10 until 2 in the morning. Thanks to the Lafayette juniors and seniors for bringing their huge rolling party down at 10 and gettin it in with us and everyone else who was in the house with us ALL NIGHT. It was definitely memorable, or depending on how hammered you were unrecallable, evening. Don’t believe me. Look at the pictures.

-Angela Bruno Photography-

This gallery contains 80 new photos by Angela Bruno. All of which are of amazing quality and all of which made this incredible night look beautiful. Enjoy.

-Lightly-Salted Productions-

Matthew Blum regularly works with us few the virtue of his work for the Morning Call. Matt is as professional as they come and his work is just as reliable as he is.

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