PROJECT DRINKYS is Saturday November 3rd!! Only A Week Away!! With @djjamalknight DJ Zero & @FnAwesomeTime at @DrinkysPA. You Have NO IDEA What You’re In For


Saturday November 3rd, all hell is going to break loose. No themes. Just a great f**king night filled with as much ridiculousness as we can manage. We are coming up with some really interesting stuff for you and we promise you will in no way shape or form be disappointed.

PROJECT DRINKYS Flyer By Jeremy Timberman


We have something ridiculously awesome planned for everyone, we just aren’t telling until you get here!! But rest assure it won’t be something as simple as a free drink, this is by far one of the coolest things an establishment has EVER let us do.

BUT, since we’re fair, we’re going to have a SOCIAL MEDIA CONTEST based around TRYING TO GUESS THE SURPRISE. Either ‘Tweet’ @FnAwesomeTime your guess or POST A STATUS AND TAG either Nick Eckert FatEnt or F.A.T. Entertainment. The person with the FIRST WINNING GUESS gets a gift card and FREE “Welcome To The Jungle” T-Shirt!! Good luck guessing, it WON’T BE EASY.

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