#SCREAM2K16 with DJ Jamal Knight. Hosted by F.A.T. Entertainment.


Every year since 2011 we have thrown ridiculously awesome Halloween parties. Sometimes 2 per year. We enjoy Halloween THAT much. From super hero parties to zombie parties to neon halloween to a halloween carnival. We have literally done almost every single kind of theme you can think of for Halloween. So this year all we ask is show up in a costume, drink some drinks, and don’t get mad if we scare the living crap out of you. We’ll be having 3 costume contests as usual. Small prizes for sexiest costume and best couple and the main prize is for BEST OVERALL COSTUME. So male or female can take home the prize. You just have to have a bad ass costume. Last year it was Mach Man Randy Savage that took home the $150 in cash and additional gift cards. The incomparable Jamal Knight will be on the wheels providing the sounds for you ghouls. Doors open at 10 pm. Be there! (please.)

scream2k16 drinkys halloween fat entertainment jamal knight

EVENT: SCREAM: Halloween 2K16
LOCATION: Drinky’s – 5 Centre Sq. Easton, PA
Time: 10:00pm



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