PHOTO GALLERY: #FOAMFEST at Drinkys with DJ KFRE$H and Angel B. Hosted by F.A.T. Entertainment and T.O.N.Y. Media Group.

August 23rd 2014 will go down as one of the most epic nights in Lehigh Valley nightlife history. The people started flowing in around 10 pm and it was wall to wall by 11:30. Once the foam started going the entire place went bonkers. KFre$h and Angel B both murdered it the entire night and the crowd never stopped dancing. Add in our boy DJ Zee stopping through and ending the night, as well as 2014 U.S. Pole champion Vayda Kiss putting on a truly impressive performance. Oh yeah, there was a random drummer. Confetti cannons. A dance floor packed with girls in bikinis covered in soap. Needless to say, things got real… Big shout out to Michael Storm for shooting these pictures in the clutch.


F.A.T. Entertainment:
TONY Media Group:
DJ KFre$h:
Vayda Kiss: A-List Features or

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