PHOTO GALLERY: Drinky’s FOAM Party hosted by F.A.T. Entertainment & TMG. Music by DJ KayJay, DJ Santos & DJ Angel B. Photos By Matt Blum of Lightly-Salted Photos.

This party was epic. These pictures only capture a fraction of the insanity that was FOAM. Everyone had a great night and there was probably between 500-600 people there at the peak. The crowd steadily grew from  the 100 or so at 9 for the VIP OPEN BAR. Once the foam hit the crowd went nuts and the party went into over drive. Stay tuned for details about the NEXT FOAM PARTY THIS SUMMER!! Big thank you to the entire staff at Drinky’s, Matt Blum, Kay Jay, Angel B and everyone else who had a helping hand in making this event a success.

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