Photos from Thanksgiving Eve 2013 at @DrinkysPA with @DJ_Zee_ @kfresshhh @TONYMEDIAGROUP & @FnAwesomeTime. Pics by @NinjaMatt

If you live in the Lehigh Valley and have never experienced a Thanksgiving Eve at Drinkys you should be sad. If you haven’t experienced it with DJ Zee, DJ KFre$h, TMG & F.A.T. Entertainment then you should be downright depressed. What is traditionally a great night was made even better by the combination of all of the added entertainment, a building packed full of close friends and a venue staff that is second to none. Drinks flowed, people danced and most importantly… NO DRAMA. IF you missed it, or if you were there and can’t remember a thing (guilty as charged), then make sure you check out this photo gallery shot by MATTHEW BLUM of Lightly-Salted Productions. Enjoy.

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