F.A.T. Entertainment Now Has Its Own UNCENSORED Radio Show!!!

We are proud to announce F.A.T. Entertainment has signed up to do OUR OWN 4 HOUR RADIO SHOW! This is a huge deal and I am so happy for this, its something I’ve wanted to do forever. Based out of Dover, NJ we will be joining the Mix101radio.com family STARTING THE WEEKEND AFTER THE SUPER BOWL! It will be starring Nick Eckert (Uncle Fatty), Aaron McLean, KFre$h & DJ Nogood and will be called “The F’n Awesome Radio Show”. This is a huge oppurtunity for us as a team and to explore new avenues of entertainment. Expect the best of old school, hip hop, house and ton of surprises. We’ll also be doing skits, special segments, interviews, requests, contests, TONS of special guests and basically anything we can do to make sure you laugh your entire ass clean off of your body. We are also in the works of developing a Hard Rock/Metal formatted show another night of the week.


The chemistry between everyone involved is already amazing, added with the Mix101radio.com family and how well we vibed, this is set up to be potentially huge. Expect in your face opinions and ruthlessly brutal honesty alongside the best music of yesterday and today, as well as the waves of the future. Strap in, the ride has just begun.

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