Julius Seizure (@JuliusSeizure1) Announces NEW VOCALIST!!

juliusAfter parting ways with their original vocalist Julius Seizure was on the hunt for the perfect replacement. This person had to not only have a dynamic vocal range but also a solid understanding of the business and professionalism. After a tedious search made with the highest of standards, it seems they have found their man. Ex-Will Killmore/The Silencer/Kill The Fixtion member Mr. Charles Corletta.


-The Show-

I was personally in the building for their debut and from the second I walked into the building the excitement level of everyone was at a high. Not only was this Charlie’s debut, but fellow F.A.T. Entertainment member Simensis first show back, as well as Thanatotic Desire‘s CD release. NJ metal band Shadows Of Dawn also performed a killer set. After these 3 bands tore the stage up all night it was time for Julius Fucking Seizure to hit the stage, Version 3.0….


The lights went black and a sound clip of Bane from “The Dark Knight Rises” came out over the P.A. climaxing with Bane proclaiming “And then, I will break you” which then went right into them ripping into the opening track from “Beware The Ides Of March“, “Smoke Of Hell“. They played crowd favorites “OxyGen“, “AKA-47″ & “TMSNEV” as well as a special rendition of an old Will Killmore song called “Droppin’ Loads“, that according to the band “You will never fucking hear that performed again”.

– The Future-

As of now the boys are currently working on filming the video for their 2nd single “TMSNEV” as well as securing upcoming tour dates. Also keep an eye out for new studio material with their new vocalist.

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