Dec 8th is The SMOOTHEST Party Ever…Again with @FnAwesomeTime & @DJ_Zee_ at @DrinkysPA

December 8th we bring back the SMOOTH. F.A.T. Entertainment‘s The Smoothest Party Ever…Again with D.j. Zee at Drinkys. Last year we did this together and we decided to bring it back to celebrate a year of killing party after party together.
$1 Coor’s Light drafts and $2 KEYSTONE LIGHT CANS!!
The Valleys Coor’s Girls are going to be there in force. And lets see who can topple last years Keith Stone look a like Eric Miller? Get ready for the noise.
Last year F.A.T. Entertainment, DJ Zee, The Valley’s Coor’s Girls and Drinky’s teamed up for the first time for The Smoothest Party Ever, which was a bigger success than anyone had anticipated. There was 400+ packed in that place with Keystone Light cans everywhere, which was quite the sight to see. Join us this year for a BIGGER, BETTER and SMOOTHER party. This shit is going to be ridiculous.

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