TONIGHT is FOOTBALL Thursday at Drinkys (@DrinkysPA) with @djjamalknight) @DJDangerousDan1 @Krissss_B and @FnAwesomeTime

TONIGHT is FOOTBALL Thursday at Drinkys (@DrinkysPA) with DJ Jamal Knight (@djjamalknight), DJ Dangerous Dan (@DJDangerousDan1) and F.A.T. Entertainment (@FnAwesomeTime)!! Karisa Butler will be behind the bar. Spin the wheel with Dangerous Dan, MUSIC BY Jamal Knight and F.A.T. Entertainment will be in the house hosting the evening!! Each week has gotten even wilder than the last, body shots, girls on the pole and people gettin’ it in on the dance floor. Come see for yourself.

.50 Cent COORS LIGHT DRAFTS during the Football game.
.50 Cent WINGS from 8 PM-1 AM. $2 SHOTS from 9 PM-11 PM

$3 LITs   $5 RedBull & Vodka

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