OFFICIAL FLYER for Anything But Clothes Party w/ @JustinaMusic @FnAwesomeTime & @djjamalknight at @Roosevelts21st in Allentown, PA

Saturday, November 17th Roosevelt’s 21st Allentown (@Roosevelts21st) celebrates its 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with F.A.T. Entertainment’s (@FnAwesomeTime) AnythingButClothes Party with DJ Jamal Knight (@djjamalknight) and Justina (@JustinaMusic). Justina returns to The Lehigh Valley after absolutely tearing it up at Essence Hookah Lounge in Bethlehem, with her buzz building bigger and bigger expect some serious things from her at ABC. If you’re unfamiliar with ABC parties, it is exactly how it sounds. You can wear ANYTHING but clothes. Caution tape, window curtains, whatever your heart desires really. We will be having contests, crazy celebratory drink specials and quite possibly a really outrageous surprise. 

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