Your Link to EVERYTHING @1ManBandit #RETWEET

New Jersey MC One Man Bandit (@1ManBandit) is F.A.T. Entertainment’s (@FnAwesomeTime) first muscial act but he is hardly new to the game. O.M.B. has been putting out material for a few years now with singular tracks as well as a mixtape with fellow NJ MC A-Lox entitled “Let Us Handle It”. This year he released his first solo mixtape “Outlaw Chronicles” which features tracks like “Let Me Ride”, “Visions Of An Outlaw”, “John (Doe) Freestyle” and his emotionally charged and extremely catchy single “Drifter”. With a buzz growing and a new project in the works One Man Bandit is poised to make some serious noise in the hip-hop scene.

One Man Bandit’s Links:

OMB on Facebook:

OMB on Twitter: @1ManBandit

OMB on Instagram: @1manbandit

OMB on Tumblr:

OMB on Reverb Nation:

One Mn Bandit “Outlaw Chronicles” :

One Man Bandit & A-Lox “Let Us Handle It”:

One Man Bandit’s YouTube Channel:

OMB Drifter Official Video:

OMG – Go Harder (OMB Hard Remix):

OMB Stay True –

OMB Picture Me Rollin’ (OMB Remix):

OMB Let Me Ride:

OMB John Doe Freestyle Ft A-Lox:

OMB Smokin’ With The Devil:

OMB Good Night Freestyle FIRE:

OMB Visions Of An Outlaw (Dreams Freestyle):

OMB NO Church In The Wild (OMB Remix):

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