Saturday December 1st, @FnAwesomeTime’s The Smoothest Party Ever, Again with @DJ_Zee_ (F.A.T. Entertainment’s 1st Anniversary at @DrinkyPA)

December 1st, F.A.T. Entertainment (@FnAwesomeTime) celebrates our 1st Anniversary at Drinky’s (@DrinkysPA) with the sequel to the party that put F.A.T. Entertainment in the spotlight. The Smoothest Party Ever was a HUGE success and set off a string of huge events at Drinky’s. Well, it’s about that time and it only feels right to do it again. As the date approaches more and more details will be released. If you partied with us for The #FnAwesomeWeekend then you know we know how to celebrate. Oh yeah, and you can be sure The Valley’s Coor’s Light Girls will be in the building helping us get it in.

Above is the flyer for LAST YEARS Smoothest Party Ever


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