F.A.T. Entertainment’s (@FnAwesomeTime) Upcoming Events For November/December.

After a summer in which F.A.T. Entertainment threw monster events nearly every weekend the buzz is now becoming a roar, and this fall and winter F.A.T. is going all out to bring you prime events during the prime nightlife time of the year. We are painting the Lehigh Valley awesome.

November 2nd – The “Are You Not Entertained” Toga Party with DJ Jamal Knight at Roosevelt’s 21st Bethlehem.

November 3rd – The “PROJECT DRINKYS” Surprise Party  with DJ Jamal Knight at Drinkys

November 17th – Justina LIVE with DJ Jamal Knight at Roosevelt’s 21st Allentown

November 24th – F.A.T. Entertainment’s Pin-Up Girl Party with DJ Zee at Roosevelt’s 21st Bethlehem.

December 1st – The Smoothest Party Ever, Again with DJ Zee (F.A.T. Entertainment’s 1st Anniversary at Drinky’s)

December 7th – TBA at Roosevelt’s 21st

December 29th – TBA at Roosevelt’s 21st

As you can see we’re hitting Bethlehem and Allentown hard, as promised, while still keeping it close to home in Easton, also as promised. Also, we are celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary at Drinkys with The Smoothest Party Ever Again. If you were there for the first one you know how crazy this going to get. Stay tuned for MORE INFO!!

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