ALL PINK EVERYTHING 2 Breast Cancer Charity Event

ALL PINK EVERYTHING 2 Breast Cancer Charity Event

With October being breast cancer awareness month Roosevelt’s 21st Allentown (@Roosevelts21st) and F.A.T. Entertainment (@FnAwesomeTime) are putting together an event to help make a difference.

ALL PINK EVERYTHING 2 Charity Event with F.A.T. Entertainment & Jus Smith is more than just a party, throughout the evening we will be raising money to donate, as well as the owners pledging to donate 10% of sales. That means if we hit 10 thousand we will be able to donate 1,000 from the bar alone.

—@Jus Smith (@djjussmith) will be on the 1’s & 2’s ALL NIGHT

—Hottest Pink Outfit Contest for a $100 Victoria Secret Gift Card

—This is also the Roosevelt’s 21st Allentown’s coming out party for Sweet Revenge, The Original Wild Strawberry “Sour Mash” 77 Proof liqueur. We’re going to be having specialized drinks as well as the gorgeous Sweet Revenge promotional models.

— Red Bull Sponsorship

—As always the The Valley’s Coors Girls will be in the building

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