After Mastering FOAM, We Are Proud To Bring You PAINT. Get Ready For The F’n Awesome Paint Party On Saturday September 22nd with DJ Jus Smith [formerly DJ CyN]

After mastering FOAM, we bring you PAINT. Get ready for The F’n Awesome Paint Party with DJ Jus Smith [formerly DJ CyN] at Drinky’s in Easton, PA. This is going to be ANOTHER FIRST in a few areas. It’s the first time F.A.T. Entertainment is teaming up for a night with our good friend DJ Jus Smith but it is also THE FIRST DayGlo style PAINT PARTY done by either Drinky’s or F.A.T. Entertainment. With the vision and planning going into this even you can rest assure this will be an experience not just a night out. If you are familiar with the concept of a paint party this is all pretty self explanatory. But in case you are not familiar, we are basically going to be shooting glow paint all over the entire dance floor for a large portion of the evening absolutely covering everyone. It’s also an excuse to wear as little clothes as possible. We will also be utilizing SIREN SPECIALS which means when THE SIREN GOES OFF for the next 15 minutes there will be a specific drink special only available at that time, as well as the regular drink specials. More and more info will be released soon.

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