The Playboy Mansion Party with KFre$h, DJ MC & The “Yardettes” Was A SUCCESS!

Saturday August 11th Marz Bar & Grille was transformed into a lounge that could have been pulled from Hef’s House. With a ton of work put in by F.A.T. Entertainment’s team, as well as some F’n Awesome Volunteers, and some absolutely killer sets from The First Lady Of F.A.T. DJ KFre$h (Twitter & Instagram @KFresshhh) & The “Club Killer” DJ MC (Twitter @ClubKillerDJMC) as well as an appearance by The “Yardettes” Kat Swinson (Twitter @kat_swinson) & Mary Kate (Twitter @SvetlanaSandt || Instagram @mksandt1223) this shaped up to be an event filled with dancing and a little bit of debauchery.

DJ MC (@ClubKillerDJMC)
DJ MC (@ClubKillerDJMC)

The evening began with a special opening set from DJ KFre$h that got the crowd moving very early on. She showed just how much she has grown as a DJ in only a few short months, displaying the promise we saw in her when we brought her on board the FAT train. At about 11:30 DJ MC took to the decks and lit the crowd up with a stellar set that covered every era and almost every genre of music. After playing some rare gems and some of his own personal mixes he closed out with a barrage of hits and remixes that had everybody with a drink in the air.

The beautiful “Yardettes” split time between serving up the crowd with shots and putting on quite the show on the newly installed strip pole. They also helped set the tone of the evening by keeping people dancing and wooing people with their natural charm. Them being gorgeous doesn’t hurt either.

Marz Bar transformed.




Kat Swinson & Mary Kate
Kat Swinson & Mary Kate



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